Geismar couple receives the gift of a lifetime

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Jamie and Shedran Reese

     GEISMAR –  One Ascension Parish couple has received the gift of a lifetime time this year – a chance to start the family of which they have always dreamed.

     After years of unsuccessful pregnancies, Jamie Reese and her husband Shedran found out that they were the recipients of the Gift of Hope, a free in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle given by Louisiana fertility clinic FertilityAnswers.

     The Reese’s endured one miscarriage and two ectopic pregnancies over the past seven years and were notified through their doctor that the only way she would be able to get pregnant was through IVF treatments.

     “I had surgery and after my surgery I found out that the only way I would be able to have kids was through IVF,” Jamie Reese said.

     After the news of the loss of their third child, Jamie Reese went through diagnostic surgery and HSG testing to determine what was the cause of the failed pregnancies. Results revealed that the left fallopian tube was filled with fluid and the right tube was blocked.

     “My primary care doctor didn’t want to remove anything, she said going to a fertility specialist would be better,” Jamie Reese said. “That’s when I contacted Dr. Storment to do my second surgery.”

     During her consultation with Dr. Storment, she was urged to apply for the Gift of Hope as IVF treatments were financially not an option for them. Treatments generally cost around $15,000.

     “It took me a while to apply because I didn’t think I would get it,” she said.

     Reese applied for the program in April and found out in May that she had won the fertility treatments given by the clinic.

     “I was getting lunch one day and the doctor called. I was so excited I started screaming and everything. He told me I won. It was so amazing. I was crying all day, I couldn’t even do anything work for the rest of the day.”

     Two weeks after receiving her frozen embryo transfer, The Reese’s found out they were expecting. Baby Reese is expected to arrive in late July 2016.