Favored ice cream brand returns tomorrow

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Blue Bell Ice Cream is slated to hit Gonzales shelves on Dec. 21.

GONZALES –Blue Bell is officially hitting Louisiana stores on Dec. 21, after nearly eight months from being off of shelves. 

Local grocery store, LeBlanc's, is preparing for the ice cream's return with “full force,” said Supervisor Matthew LeBlanc. 

“It will be delivered that morning and we will be ready to open at 6:30 with the intent on selling all the Blue Bell that we can,” LeBlanc said.

Employees will begin stocking the freezers Monday at 3:30 a.m. LeBlanc added that he thinks the ice cream will sell out very quickly. 

“I think by lunchtime a very good bit will be gone, if not all.”

Blue Bell voluntarily recalled all of its products in April following reports of a Listeria outbreak, which can cause serious and fatal infections. Ten people from four states were infected by the outbreak, one in Arizona and Oklahoma, three in Texas and five in Kansas. Three deaths were also reported from Kansas. 

The company is only offering a limited number of products, though the promise of more to come was made. Available at the moment in half gallon and pint flavors are Buttered Pecan, Cookies 'n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla and Pistachio Almond, with the Peppermint also available in the half gallon size.