Tales from the Time Machine

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Claire Schmidt

Ascension Parish has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. The residents of the Parish also have their own history, each with a different tale to tell. 

Claire Schmidt was born in New Orleans on Oct. 6. She and her mother moved to Dutchtown when she was three-years-old after her father passed away. Claire is the youngest of three children. She has always been a lively, active person with a great desire to learn. As a girl, Claire learned to play Bridge by watching her aunts play on Sunday afternoons. She still is an avid player, who wins often. In fact, after she graduated from the Dutchtown schools, she decided to become a teacher. Claire studied hard and became a mathematics and music teacher.

Her other hobbies include playing the piano, dancing, gardening and teaching religion classes. She played the piano at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church for a very long time. She also taught music students and her most proud moments were watching her students excel in their musical endeavors.

Claire’s family includes a long list of family members who were also in the teaching profession. They are Superintendent Larry Babin, Wickliff Babin Agriculture at LSU, Andrew Babin, French and history, Noelle Wilkins, home economics, and Blaine David and Nita Babin, voice and piano.

Claire has one daughter and four grandchildren, Brendan, Ron, Paul and Christine Babin. One interesting fact about Claire is that she was the accompanist for opera singer, Pasqua Amato, in Houston, Texas. She resides at Magnolia Assisted Living in Gonzales.

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