Ascension Christian receives AdvancED STEM Certification

Staff Report

     GONZALES –  On Dec. 2, Ascension Christian School reecieved STEM Certification from AdvancED – a non-profit, non-partisan organization that operates three regional accrediting agencies and serves as a trusted partner to 32,000 schools and school systems. 

     STEM represents science, technology, engineering and mathematics; the achievement is a mark of STEM distinction only offered to highly-effective institutions that prioritize STEM education as a path to success. 

     Ascension Christian School is the first, and currently, the only certified STEM school in Louisiana. 

     “We are proud to be an AdvancED STEM Certified School,” said Mark Pellegrin, Ascension Christian School Superintendent. “This certification exhibits Ascension Christian School’s commitment to addressing workforce needs by preparing our students with the relevant skills and experiences to succeed while demonstrating to the private-sector that we are committed to driving higher levels of student achievement for their STEM pipeline.” 

     In order to earn STEM Certification, Ascension Christian School had to demonstrate adherence to the AdvancED STEM Standard as reflected by the school’s performance across 11 rigorous STEM Indicators. 

     The certification process provides a rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement process, supported by research-based tools and resources. Achieving high scores across the indicators certify that students have been equipped and trained to be innovative, creative and systematic problem-solvers across disciplines.

     “STEM certification will continue to uphold our school to high standards while providing a clear roadmap for us to continuously improve our STEM disciplines and program,” Pellegrin said.