The Squirrel Rodeo, A Cajun Story

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I know a lotta you people never herd of such a thing. Well the EASL has been having one every year for over da pass 30 years. It aint like somebody is riding and roping squirrels. Its like a fishing toonament. We practice ketch and release just like fishermen, but we release dem in a big black pot wit onions, mushrooms, salt, pepper, green onions, and gravy. We got 4 spots dat we give awards too. First we got da biggest squirrel, den we got da weigh most category, den the second weight the most, and last we got da third weigh the most. Im writin this kinda slow reed reel fast. Some of yall probably cant reed at all. We used to have a squirrel cleaning contest but, we give dat up, cause we ran outta bandaids and gauze and tape and the emergency room cost too much. Some of our pass winners aint got but four fingers on dare hands and a whole lotta utter fellers still got the scars to prove day was in da contest. We had 18 guys and one gal that went afta da elusive squirrels. We had a pretty good opening mornin it was cool but da win started blowing kinda early at lease dat were da excuse da majority of da hunters used. I got reel good excuse I leen my shot gun up side a tree to lite a cigarette and it fell over, it musta got off zero. Some fellers said day had two minny leafes on the tree. Some of the other excuses would

make groan man cry. Im just now gettin to da winners and yall aint gonna beeleave who won! A GIRL!!! Ashley Frink, had a limit dat went 8.7 lbs. We might uotta change da rules next year. What yall think? Da second weigh most went two a pass winter named Mike Brown, who had 7 dat weighed 8.1 lbs, plus was tied fer big squirrel. Da third fella wit da weigh most was Gary Lassie. Yall his reel name is Lass not Lassie Gary go see Timmy might be in da well. He had 8 dat went 7.1 lbs. We got three peoples wit limits, Ashley, Gary, and me of course, my limit aint but two. I don’t know why I didn’t win da biggest squirrel, I shot one outta da tree an dafta it hit da ground I shot it 5 mo times up close it shoulda weighed 2 lbs. I told yall Mike was tied fer da big squirrel. He was tied wit Troy Paxton day was tied wit 1.5 lb squirrel. Dwain Gautreaux da chairman say Troy had two dat weighed 1.5 lb dat Troy was da winter. While all da hunters was huntin Perry Berteau were cookin a big ole pot of jambalya and some white beans. Afta da way in everybody sat down and ate a lot of dim ate again. All dis take place on Saturday. On Sunday da feller what cook da squirrels Todd Breaux starting cookin. He was tellin somebody dat pass bye Go get dat pot, go get some water peel dim onions, boil dim eggs, he would make a reely good drill sargent in da army, but everything come out pretty dang good. Win it were time to eat it got reely quite all da peoples was stuffin dare faces, it was kinda creepy. We had a tie in da eatin contest last year beetween Jim Herbert and Vince Diez, Vince didn’t make it did year so Jim win again dis year but it were close between Jim and Rodney. We was blessed wit a reely nice weekend fer dis event. Id like two thank all da peoples what came out fer dis, Roy Rogers, Rex Allen, Gene Autry, Jimmy Carter, Tom Mix, Al Hurt, Perry Como, and Lady Gaga. But, most of all I thank Dwain, Todd, Perry, and da good Lord for litten us have dis kinda event. Remember to use gun control use both hands!

See yall in da woods