Special Needs spotlight: Carson Enlow

Staff reports
Carson and her family are looking forward to the activities available at the new Kidz Kove Discovery Park.

Meet the Enlow family, Dad-Mike, Mom-Jenny, and 19 month-old Carson. When Carson was 9 months old, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare chromosome abnormality called Pitt Hopkins syndrome. Pitt Hopkins, or PTHS, is caused by a mutation within or a complete deletion of the TCF4 gene located on Chromosome 18.  This syndrome hinders her overall physical and mental development, will cause her to be non-verbal, and can also cause various medical problems. With the help of many wonderful therapists including her grandmother Carol, Carson has recently starting crawling.  Her family looks forward to the day she will be able to walk without assistance.  

Despite these challenges, she is a happy, fun- loving little girl. She loves being around other children, riding her pony with help, and interacting with her musical toys.  Having a playground like Kidz Kove nearby that offers a variety of activities for her unique special needs will surely make for lots of fun family outings in the days ahead. 

Project Kidz Kove is making amazing leaps and bounds toward their goal of building an all accessible playground in Gonzales. More than 20,000 children in Ascension and the surrounding parishes will benefit from this ADA approved play space. Not only for children with physical disabilities, this park covers it all, complete with educational panels and quiet areas for children that are easily over stimulated. Donations may be made to Project Kidz Kove at: P.O. Box 179, Brittany, LA 70718, or for more information, please call 644-5273.