Gonzales Lions Club sponsors free Glaucoma screenings

Staff reports
Mia Melancon, an assistant for Gonzales optometrist Dr. Eva Lamendola, performs a glaucoma screening on Kathleen Fritchie of Denham Springs.

The Gonzales Lions Club and Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation offered the screenings free of charge Thursday at Wal-Mart in Gonzales.

Twenty-two people underwent the screenings.

The Glaucoma Screening Truck comes from the "Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundations" out of New York. It is on loan to the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation for the months of February, March and April. It will travel about the state providing FREE Glaucoma screenings to the residents of Louisiana. Each event is sponsored by a local Lions Club like the Gonzales Lions.

They will hold about 60 screening events within the 3 month time period, and on an average will screen over 1500 people with this program. Last year we screened 1547 people. 303 people had signs of Glaucoma which was 19.59%, and 433 people had other ophthalmic needs which was 27.99%, bringing a total of 736 people or 47.58% of everyone screened needing to be referred to an Eye Doctor for additional care.

Glaucoma is a silent disease. A person can have 20/20 vision and still have Glaucoma. There are no symptoms.  A person can lose their vision due to Glaucoma and never know it until it is too late!