Facebook page hopes to bring Hot Air Balloons to Ascension

Charlotte Guedry
The Hot Air Balloon Championships held last year at the Pennington facility in Baton Rouge.

Recently it was announced that Pennington had pulled out as a sponsor of the Hot Air Balloon Championships held each year in Baton Rouge. A number of Ascension residents are hoping this could mean the bringing of a prominent festival to Ascension Parish.

For a number of years, Pennington has acted as the main sponsor of the event with the balloons being on display on their property off of Perkins Road in the Capitol City. Many residents of Ascension feel bringing the festival to Lamar-Dixon would be in the best interest of both the festival and the parish.

The land at Lamar-Dixon could possibly accomodate the growing festival and also highlight the facility as a multi-use complex, with the hope being that it would generate more interest in a space that is being more and more utilized.

Some local residents have set up a Facebook page to find out what type of interest the possibility of the festival in our backyards could bring.

'Bring Hot Air Balloons to Ascension' has been dveveloped as a Community page. Facebook members can click Like on the page to show exactly how much they feel Ascension Parish would be the festival's perfect choice.

In the first half hour of the page's being set up, seven residents had already expressed interest, and developers of the page are hoping that interest continues. By going online and with just one click of the mouse, developers are hoping that the committee involved in the organizing of the festivasl will see just how much residents of Ascension are excited about the prospect of hosting and enjoying the large scale event.