Curves® of Gonzales Reinvents as a "Curves Complete" Club

Staff reports

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes real commitment to make the necessary changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle.  And, for most people, it takes a plan. That’s why Curves, the fitness franchise designed exclusively for women, has developed Curves Complete, a simple, easy-to-follow weight-loss plan that combines the three keys to taking off weight and keeping it off: diet, exercise and motivation.

Curves is the only place you can get all three, and Curves of Gonzales wants you to try it FREE for one week.

"For many women, managing the simple logistics of sticking to a diet and exercise plan is what defeats them," says Sandi Scott, Gonzales Curves Owner/Manager. "Meal planning and preparation, shopping, designing an effective and age-appropriate exercise plan, coping with everyday emotional highs and lows - it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to stick with the status quo. That’s why our new Curves Complete program provides a foolproof plan for dealing with all of these diet challenges - and helps keep women on track for success."

The Curves Complete program incorporates all three key components of a successful weight management plan and is designed to help dieters lose up to 20 pounds and 20 inches in just 90 days. Women are seeing real results and sharing their success stories with others at

Research shows that up to 95% of dieters regain their lost weight, and then some. It’s not because there’s something wrong with them, it’s because there’s something wrong with conventional weight loss plans. To lose weight and keep it off, you need three secret weapons:

· Diet: Weekly personalized diet plans and shopping lists created through the Curves Complete website, available exclusively to Curves Complete members. These tools help dieters enjoy the convenience and portion control of expensive mail-order diet food programs while shopping at their own grocery stores - and for a fraction of the cost! The plan even offers a convenient new Heat & Eat option so that dieters can include healthy frozen food choices like Lean Cuisine® and Healthy Choice® in their diet plans.

· Exercise: Workouts at Curves of Gonzales that combine metabolism-boosting cardio with strength-training and stretching while providing a continually more challenging workout experience as fitness improves.

· Motivation: Daily motivational videos produced through a partnership with the renowned Cleveland Clinic that offer advice and strategies from a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off. Plus, one-on-one time with your personal coach each week to support, encourage and motivate.

"Personal coaching is the heart of the program," said Scott. "All Curves Complete participants receive a Health Assessment and a 15-minute, personalized, weekly coaching session with a certified Curves Coach that includes a weigh-in, progress assessment, goal review and monthly body measurements to track results. That extra accountability is very motivating, and the coaches help you develop simple, practical strategies for getting and staying on track."

For more information about Curves Complete and Curves of Gonzales’s FREE TRIAL WEEK OFFER, please call 225-647-4314. For information on Curves, please visit

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Curves works every major muscle group with a complete 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. Curves also works to help women lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism with its groundbreaking, scientifically proven method that ends the need for perpetual dieting. Founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to millions of women globally, many of whom are in the gym for the first time. With thousands of locations worldwide, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. For more information, please visit: