Santa comes to St.?Amant

Charlotte Guedry

Santa Claus is most definitely coming to town. Coming to St.?Amant, that is.

The young and  the old can get into the Christmas spirit and visit with the jolliest of Christmas characters at the St.?Amant Volunteer Fire Department on?Stringer Bridge Road from 6 - 8 p.m., December 12 - 16.

Santa has combed his beard and laundered his red suit, so he’s looking his best for having a picture taken with residents who come out and see him.

Residents are asked to bring canned goods when they come to visit.?The goods will, be used to help needy families within the St.?Amant community, and each canned good entitles you to a free picture with?Santa.

“Santa is taking a lot of time out of his busy schedule to come and see all of our Ascension boys and girls,” said St.?Amant Volunteer Fire Chief James LeBlanc. “We urge you to come out and say hello to the big guy!”