Get ready to Shout Out

Charlotte Guedry

If you’re ready to shout your school spirit from the rooftops, then this year’s Shout Out is the place for you.

Students, faculty and fans from both?St.Amant High?School and East Ascension?High School are set to match up against each other, as they find out which school boasts the greatest, and loudest, fans during the 9th Annual Spartan/Gator Tailgate Shout Out event.?The match up will take place on Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Lamar-Dixon Expo?Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Coaches, pep bands, cheerleaders, dance teams, trainers, ROTC groups and flag squads will be at the event, along with both football teams.

The Shout Out day will include jambalaya plate lunches sold throughout the day in an effort to raise money for both school’s athletic programs. They will be sold in the parking lot of LeBlanc’s in?Gonzales.

The Shout Out began in 1999 when Jody Elisar and his brother Todd looked to start an event to raise money for both schools while also boosting the spirit of the community .The event was brought back in 2008 by James E. LeBlanc and Alan Marrero from St. Amant and Ralph Delatte and Jodi Fife of EA.

This year the two schools will also hold the “Shout  Out Ryder Cup Shoot Out” golf event on Tuesday November 1, at Pelican Point Golf Course. “This is what this whole entire event is about, raising money for these two schools and coming together as a community to do so”, stated LeBlanc.

The Shout Out team is looking for sponsors for the 2011 Event. Businesses will be announced during the event and listed in the local papers. Also shirts are on sale now, $12, for Gator and Spartan fans to purchase.

For more information call James E. LeBlanc at 717-5436, Alan Marrero 907-3468, Ralph Delatte at 603-5413 or Tommy Trahan at 572-2426. You can also contact Sherri Jenkins at 644-4820.