Donation for Kidz Kove

Staff reports
Pictured left to right: Mike Spillers, Grainger, Kidz Kove Board; Audrey Boudreaux, Kidz Kove Board; Gwen Molliere, Kidz Kove Board; Tina Stallings; Leslie Ickes, Kidz Kove Board; Tammy O’Connor, Beverly Plaissance, Kidz Kove Board; Dee LeJeune, St. Elizabeth Hospital President and CEO; Leslie Norman, St. Elizabeth Hospital CNO; Vickie Gautreau; and Laiesha Barnes.

St. Elizabeth Hospital presented a check for $25,000 to Project Kidz Kove on Aug. 10.  The check was the result of an on-going, hospital-wide fundraising effort.

Efforts resulted in more than $3,500 for the project, helping the hospital reach the $25,000 Bronze Beachcomber donor level.  

In conjunction with Nurse’s Week, the Emergency Department began a bidding war to have Dee LeJeune, President and CEO, work in the department for a night.  The department initially raised $250. When LeJeune learned the amount she joked, “I’m worth more than that!”  She issued a challenge that if they could raise $500, she would personally match it.  The department asked to include John Finan, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Heath System CEO, in the deal, and he too offered a $500 match.  The team and ER Physicians worked to raise a total of $1,300.

On July 25, LeJeune, Finan, and his wife Patty, a retired nurse, worked a 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. shift in the department.

St. Elizabeth Hospital is committed to continuing its efforts to help make Kidz Kove a reality for the children of Ascension Parish.

The Project Kidz Kove Board of Directors is grateful to St. Elizabeth Hospital and others who have adopted the project and assisted with fundraising efforts. Project Kidz Kove is half way to their minimum goal, less than one year after beginning the project.

“Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for the help from great community supporters like St. Elizabeth Hospital,” said Audrey Boudreaux, Project Kidz Kove Board member.

Project Kidz Kove is a not-for-profit organization in Ascension Parish, whose purpose is to raise funds to construct a playground for children of all abilities. The park will focus on additional equipment for children with physical or sensory developmental challenges providing specialized equipment to facilitate their play experiences. Acreage was dedicated by the City of Gonzales, and the park will be maintained by the City’s department of recreation.