My Shout: A little help, please?

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry

My columns of late have had a more positive slant than what I tend to write about. I’ve run into people in the community who have been pleased with what I’ve had to say. “Loved your one on being kinder to each other,”?I hear. “It’s so nice to read your columns lately, they’re so upbeat.” So, ladies and gentlemen, let me begin this one by apologizing, as this is going to be pretty negative.

Please tell me that I’m not the only person in the state, the country, the world, you name it, who just doesn’t get the internal set-up of customer friendly businesses.

These establishments are meant to be user-friendly, aren't they??They’re meant to make my shopping or banking or eating experience a more positive one, right?

Well, they’re not! Not at all!

The idea is to go in and get done what one needs to get done. We’re meant to do this in a way that is efficient. We’re meant to get in and get out, happy that the entire trip was fruitful and putsa spring in our step.

So why, pray tell, is it that so very often,  I go into some restaurant, shop, bank, (I need to stop listing them here, as the list seriously could just go on and on) whatever, and there are never enough people working??Why build a bank with room for eight tellers if you’re only ever going to have two of them open (if we’re lucky) at any given time? Why build a store the size of a few city blocks, with upwards of thirty registers in operation, when you’re only going to have around six or seven people at the most operating them? And this is when it’s busy. Why bring me a menu and leave it there, if you can’t be bothered to come back and find out what I want? Why oh why are you all doing this to me over and over and over again?

Customer service is meant to be just that, a service that is specifically for the customer. It’s not fair to tease your patrons with views of what you have for them if you’re never planning on using these things.

For too long, we have all just stood around and accepted bad customer service.

We’ve allowed the surly teenager to text when he or she should be scanning our items. We’ve allowed the stock person to tell us they don’t have something without even looking for it. We’ve felt silly for some inane reason when we asked for another register to be opened. We've allowed so much, so often, that unfortunately, bad customer service has somehow become the norm, and we’re shocked when someone treats us with any semblance of respect, or does their job properly.

Well, I for one am not going to take it anymore.

Watch out those of you who are adding stress to my day for no reason other than you’re own lack of assistance. I’m going to speak out.

I’m going to lead an army of those who want to be treated as though our questions deserve to be answered, our time is valuable, and our custom is appreciated.

We all deserve better, and just maybe, if we all join together and demand it, we’ll end up getting it.