Special Needs Spotlight: Anna Bumpus

Charlotte Guedry
Anna Bumpus will benefit greatly from the construction of the new park in?Gonzales.

Meet the Bumpus family, Dad-Joe, Mom-Stacey, sweet little Anna, and her newly arrived baby brother Liam.  Anna was born with microcephaly resulting in cerebral palsy. She may be small in size, but her smile is as big as the sky and can melt anyone’s heart. Anna’s condition confines her to a wheel chair for the majority of the day, limiting the activities that she can participate in. Stacey has driven all the way to Mandeville to the closest all accessible play ground just so that Anna could play. The problem: Anna can not tolerate that trip. By the time they arrive, she is exhausted and irritated from being in her chair for such a long time.  That’s when Stacey decided to join forces with others in our community that is in some way affected by a special needs person. She decided that we needed and deserved to have a place for all of the kids in our community to be able to come together and play, side by side with their able bodied siblings and friends.  Anna will be able to remain in her chair, roll up the ramp to the parks main attraction, a ship, and play as long as she wants. When she gets hot, there will be misting palm trees to cool her off. This park will also provide a place for parents to gather and discuss doctor and therapy options, which is an important tool for all parents whose lives are filled with making important decisions about their child’s care.  

Stay tuned to future editions to meet more of the KIDZ whose lives will be greatly impacted by this worthwhile community project.

Project Kidz Kove is making amazing leaps and bounds toward their goal of building an all accessible play ground in Gonzales. More than 20,000 children in Ascension and the surrounding parishes will benefit from this ADA approved play space. Not only for children with physical disabilities, this park covers it all, complete with educational panels and quiet areas for children that are easily over stimulated. Beginning this month, we will highlight one family from our area that will benefit from Kidz Kove Discovery Park.

This profile proudly sponsored by Kirk Boudreux, Gonzales City Councilman

“I am happy and proud to be this week’s sponsor of this section. Project Kidz Kove is a worthwhile cause, that is sure to benefit every child in our parish. It is only with the support of residents and officials alike that the new, universal play area can become a reality. Everyone deserves a childhood, and Project Kidz Kove can and will ensure that every child receives one.”

Kirk Boudreaux