Relief effort kicks off in parish

Michael Tortorich

Ascension resident Charlotte Guedry recently began organizing a fundraiser to help the residents of Joplin, Missouri.

“We have always had so many people offer assistance in our time of need,”?she said. “I thought it was our time to give back.”

Guedry organized the raising of $1,200 for local 18-wheeler driver Lester Duplessis to take a load of supplies in Joplin.

“He donated his time, and I thought it was worthwhile to try to raise the diesel costs for him,” she said. “I can’t believe how many people have contributed. It’s wonderful that it all went so smoothly.”

The raising of the funds was only part one in Guedry’s plan.

She has worked with POD’s storage in?Baton?Rouge, and they are donating two units to be set up in the parish.

“They will be at Lamendola’s on Hwy. 44 and Ralph’s at Pelican Point on Hwy. 44.” she said. “They should be up and ready to take donations sometime early next week, so please start getting your donations ready to be dropped off.”

Guedry is hoping parish residents will donate items such as electrolyte-based beverages, books and games for children, and male and female hygiene products.

“Anything helps, though,” she said.