My Shout: Ah! The good ol’ days

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry

My colleagues and I were talking this week about when we were children. Back in the day sort of talk, and I’ve got to say it made me rather nostalgic.

I honestly think that if I were a kid now, I wouldn’t grow up to be anything like the woman I’ve become, and the culprit unfortunately is technology.

When I was a kid, we played. I mean, we really played. We used our imaginations to create games and worlds we could lose ourselves in.

Today’s kids do that solo with only the aid of a joystick or keypad, and that depresses me.

Remember when we all played together outside of an evening? Dodge Ball, Tag, Hide and Seek, Red?Rover, Statues, Simon?Says, Red Light Green Light, the list goes on and on.

My friends and I had our own club. It was called the Bad and Beautiful Tomboy Club. We were only young, so we were neither bad nor beautiful, but oh my goodness, that club meant everything to us.

We would have meetings twice a week in a tree house that was in my backyard.

We would discuss important matters of the day, like whether Tommy Ferguson was cute, and if Julie on Love Boat was nice or not. We’d discuss for hours the merit of Hardy Boys Mysteries, and commiserate when one of our own, Lizzie McAllister, was informed by her parents that both Bewitched and Fantasy Island were not suitable programs to watch. Like I said, these were very important matters.

My friends and I bonded as we talked and played our outdoor games.

We ran free through our neighborhoods because Atari hadn't even begun to tempt us.

Now so many of the children I know watch too much TV. They play on their X-Box’s, their Play Stations, their phones, their anything remotely electronic.

A lot of them only associate with other children during the school year, as the technology available to them during school breaks keeps them company.

I want to shout out to them, “Play, just play. Go outside and play.?Honestly, you’ll love it.”?But I know the words will probably fall on deaf ears, because face it, videos of the Beib on youtube, or Angry Birds on their IPhone, are going to sound more appealing when old Aunt Charlotte starts her lectures about the good ol’ days.

It’s sad, though, as the children of today seem to be missing out on something that was so inherently important to those of us old enough to remember when Ralph Macchio was hot.

So why don’t we old fogies do something about this.

This summer, take one of your precious little relations outside for a game or two.

Ride bikes with them, go fishing, play Duck Duck Goose.

Before we know it, we may have a nation playing the biggest game of Kick the Can anyone has ever seen as the lightning bugs act as referees.

It’s important to remember when life was simpler, but even more important to pass those memories on.