My Shout: Think before you speak

Charlotte Guedry

There’s an anonymous quote that I have always liked. “The words you choose to say something are just as important as the decision to speak.”

It’s true. Using words correctly, and enunciating them correctly is important, and I think too many people have forgotten that.

Words, when used properly, are beautiful things. So many people, though, have become lazy in their word choices, and also in how they choose to speak.

I’m not just talking about everyday conversations, either.

I’ve sat in many a meeting, in a professional, business setting, where words are casually used, and used incorrectly.

When did this become commonplace??When did it become the norm?

People use double negatives. They use words they don’t know the meanings of. They use slang when they shouldn’t. They clip off the ends of words.

All of it simply sounds awful.

The ability to use our voices is a great one to have. Many people don’t, and those of us that do, need to be, to put it bluntly, better at it.

Half of the battle in the workforce, or even in social settings, is to present ourselves the best way that we can.

When we can’t be bothered to string a sentence together correctly, even though we are more than capable, we look bad.

We all know someone who is lazy in their speech. This person, and be honest, is viewed differently by every person that knows them. They are seen in a negative light.

The problem is, it’ an easy fix. There really is no excuse for lackadaisical speech.

Try to think of it in terms of speaking the way your parents would approve of.

Take care with the words you choose. Learn the meanings of what it is you’re saying. Be proud of being not only verbally understood, but of knowing that the meanings behind your words have been heard as well.

The spoken word is changing, and not for the better.

Let’s, all of us, try our hardest to get back on track with our voices.

If we don’t, we might as well all stop listening.