St. Amant students create real world connections for study of Agribusiness

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

AP Human Geography students from St. Amant High School visited River Parish Foods, LLC, the home of Martin and Veron Smoked Sausage and Andouille, in Prairieville to create real world connections to their study of Agribusiness. Students were able to witness firsthand the state and federal regulations regarding the safe handling of processed meat products from the processing plant to delivery to the consumer. London Miller said, “I have learned that there are plenty of steps taken to protect the safety of our food.”

Students were guided by local business owners, Garrett and Kade Sheets, through the processing facility. The Sheets explained the entire process to students from receiving pork from Iowa to smoking, processing, packaging and distributing the product to local vendors. Based on their observations, students can now explain the quality differences in raw materials and the effects on the finished processed product quality. “I enjoyed visiting the meat processing plant because we were able to get a better idea how products are made in our local community and I didn’t realize local businesses depend on products from across the country,” Tasha Johnson stated.

 River Parish Foods welcomed the local school into their facility to foster a relationship between business and education. Not only does River Parish Food welcome students to its facility, but they also sponsor many athletic and academic endeavors. They recently provided all the sausage and meat products for the EA-St. Amant Shout Out and the Future Farmers of America.