‘Be a Saint Saturday’ adopt a black pet or gold pet

Cheryl Babin
Cooper, a recently adopted pet, is getting ready for the upcoming “Be A Saint”Saturday, Adopt A Black or Gold pet.

Did you know that the least adopted pet at a shelter is a black one. For some reason black dogs and cats are overlooked as potential adopters walk through the runs at the shelter.

To help some of these pets get attention and hopefully adopted, Ascension Animal Advocates, Hokie's Hounds and Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue is hosting a “Be A Saint Saturday,” adopt a black or gold pet.

These pets will be decked out in their best Saints gear. Get your pet dressed in its best saint gear and come to Petco on Seigen Lane in Baton Rouge on Saturday, Nov. 20 for the big adoption day.

There will be prizes for the best saints outfit. Judging begins at 1 pm.