Fun, fun, fun, 'cause daddy ain’t taking this T-Bird away

Renee' LaBauve
Thunderbirds ranging from 1955 to the present lined the driveway as you entered the home of Kenny Knight and Barbara Noble.

Vintage Ford Thunderbirds lined the driveway of Prairieville homeowners Kenny Knight and Barbara Noble on Saturday, April 25.

The social event was a private party for members of the Acadian Thunderbirds Car Club.

Club members from across the state of Louisiana and Mississippi enjoyed great food and dessert.

But this day was all about the Thunderbirds.

“Our members have Little Birds (‘55-’57), Square Birds (‘58-’60), Bullet Birds (‘61-’63), Flat Birds (‘64-’66) and Retro Birds (‘02-’05)” said, former president J.V. Gale who recently resigned his position to new club president Claude Trahan.

Acadian Thunderbirds is the only Thunderbird club in Louisiana which is affiliated with Vintage Thunderbird Club International (VTCI) and has 40 enrolled members in the club.

The group includes the South Central Region which consists of Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Trahan said, “We’re always looking for new members to join our club.”

Elaine Adams from Galliano has been a member for five years and proudly sports her 2002 turquoise convertible T-Bird.

“It’s so exciting to travel the highway with the club because other motorists quickly realize that you’re traveling in a group and it’s quite an attraction,” Adams said.

While some members purchase their T-birds ready to drive. Others spend years refurbishing their car to its original state and this earns more points during the conventions when the car is judged.

To T-bird fans, collecting the cars is not just a hobby, but a passion. Many of the owners have albums of their cars from start to finish. It is amazing to see the work and the many hours that go into rebuilding these vintage icons of the 1950’s.

One statement that was repeated over and over again on Saturday was that the T-Bird was Ford’s answer to Chevy’s Corvette.

However, in 1958 the Thunderbird became a classier car with four seats and lost it’s so called sporty look, whereas, the Corvette remains a sports car.

But, when the Thunderbird was re-introduced in 2000 it strongly resembled the Thunderbird of 1955.

The club meets every two months and the fee is $12 a year. If you love Thunderbirds or you're contemplating ownership of any Ford Thunderbird, this is the club to join.

For more information, contact club President Claude Trahan at (504) 427-0575 or

Shown from left, J.V Gale, Paul Prokop, chief international judge; Pat Bell, Ascension Parish Councilman; Kenny Knight, host; and Claude Trahan, club president.