FCA ‘Shootaround’ held

Renee' LaBauve
Scott Burgess, a student from Dutchtown High School, tries to make as many points possible during the shoot-out while Matthew LeBrun, co-president of the FCA keeps the crowds energy pumped.

Dutchtown High School was the place to be Thursday, April 30 for the first Fellowship of Christian Athletes, “Shootaround.” There were about 200 attending the event.

The “Shootaround” was organized by FCA President Ryan Fontenot and Co-President Matthew LeBrun, both are students of Dutchtown High School. 

LeBrun said, “Our mission is to reach out and show our community that we care.” The FCA’s 35 members meet on Wednesday morning for fellowship before class begins and at lunch the leaders meet to come up with concepts and ideas to reach out to kids in the surrounding areas.

Over eight high schools, from Ascension and East Baton Rouge, were invited to the free event. There was jambalaya, provided by Cooking for Christ Healing Place Church and plenty of PowerAde.  Tickets were given at the door for door prizes and tee shirts where tossed into the stands during the main event.  But the big prizes were the $100 gift cards to Academy Sports for the shootout and dunking contest.

The shootout had five shooting stations from the three-point line and each contestant had one minute to shoot three basketballs from each station. The contest was narrowed down to the top three shooters with the most points. Then the process started all over again except the contestants were given less time until the winner was determined. Dutchtown's own Scott Burgess won the shoot-out.

The dunking contest was a crowd pleaser and allowed each contestant to add his own twist to his unique dunking abilities. The contest was judge by Kevin McCabe, head basketball coach at Parkview Baptist, Marlon Robertson, assistant basketball coach from Istrouma High, and Willie Lewis, head basketball coach from Capital High. The contestants were not only judged on unique quality to dunk the basketball, but also succeeding in making the basket. Ronald Magee from Istrouma High slam, dunked the winning basket.

Each one of these winning constants walked away with a $100 gift card to Academy Sports. FCA plans to host a “Home Run Delby” next year at Dutchtown but will continue to make the “Shootaround” an annual event. “There is no limit” said LeBrun. 

Malcolm White a student from Capitol High School had an unique technique when dunking the basketball.