St. John de la Prairie Festival this weekend

Marilyn Glindmeyer/Festival Publicity
For as long as St. John’s festival has been in existance, Owen Braud, far right, has served as the food and cooking chariman. Braud has mpw passed his cooking skills to his four sons, Peter, Justin, T Boy and David Braud.

Can you cook in a big black pot? Have you ever stood and watched those who can? Is it not fascinating how they have mastered this skill?

For as long as St. John’s festival has been in existence, Owen Braud has served as the food and cooking chairman. Surrounding himself by family and friends, they turn this three-day fete into the brotherhood of good cooking.

We are a people of life and here in South Louisiana that includes eating and sharing good times. The food will be “bon vivant,” the music will make you tap your feet, and what greater sight is there to see than a child’s face filled with hysteria on a carnival ride.

Our cup is overflowing here at St. Johns, and this is our time chosen to allocate these blessings with neighbors around us.

Come by for a while, enjoy the fun, and experience the goodness of the Lord.

The festival is held behind St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Hwy. 73, Prairieville.