Festival de la Prairie on the way

Marilyn Glindmeyer/St. John's Festival publicity

People get ready, there’s a fair up coming.

Festivals and holidays go back to prehistoric times. In those days people were very superstitious.

They feared and worshiped the forces of nature, the sun, the moon, thunder and lightening. They believed in good and evil spirits. When they wanted help from nature or to have the gods smile on them, they held some sort of ceremony. At harvest time or when the season changed they also had special rites. Eventually these celebrations became yearly events.

In keeping with these same traditions, along with our rich South Louisiana culture, St. Johns in Prairieville, chooses the last full week-end in April to gather its ten thousands plus, parishioners for a common activity.

April 24, 25 and 26 will accumulate all essentials to ensure, that all who came, will pass a good time at the Festival de la Prairie.

For any event to be successful, there must be a good leader. Supervising this year’s festivities St. John is blessed to have Kevin Sanford as the festival chairman and Scott Silvery, co-chairman. It takes a lot of time and hard work to undertake this responsibility and the parishioners are indeed grateful to both of these gentlemen for their efforts.

Future advertisements and the festival schedule may be viewed in the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.