St. Theresa Council 2657 Knights of Columbus feeds more than 300 LSU?students

Larry Boudreaux/KC 2657 President
St. Theresa Council 2657 Knights of Columbus member, Ed Girouard, right, serves an LSU?student during the Thursday Student Lunch Program.

The St. Theresa Council 2657 Knights of Columbus fed more than 350 LSU students at the Catholic Student Center on the LSU campus Thursday, March 19. A meal of jambalaya, white beans, salad and dessert was prepared and served by council members at during the noon meal.

The Thursday Student Lunch Program for LSU students dates back to 2001. According to Fr. Than Vu, Pastor of Christ the King Church and Catholic Center at LSU, the whole idea is to feed students physically so you can have a chance to feed them spiritually.

Shortly after the new Catholic Student Center on the LSU campus opened in 2000, Fr. Matt Dupre, who was then an associate pastor at Christ the King, prepared and served gumbo to some of the LSU students. The event was such an enormous success that the Pastor, Fr. Than Vu, made plans to start feeding students on a regular basis. Various Knights of Columbus councils, church parish office staffs and other organizations offered their services to cook and serve.

In a letter written to Council 2657 by Fr. Than Vu in 2007, he stated “With our motto of making Christ the King’s  a ‘home away from home’ for the students, besides ministering to their spiritual needs, we also provide them opportunities to gather together socially in a safe and wholesome environment. And the Thursday lunch is a prime venue for us to achieve that goal. These lunches have worked miracles. Students get to know one another and lasting friendships are formed, non-Catholics become interested in the church, lukewarm Catholics get involved.”

In another letter written the following year, he stated “Thanks to Council 2657 for helping everyone involved to realize the mission. Council 2657 served 297 students and the jambalaya was delicious. Thank you for helping us build the Kingdom of God by living and sharing your faith with all students who come to the Center to be nourished.

St. Theresa Council 2657 is blessed with members who are great chefs and others who are willing to volunteer their services. Mike Daigle and Leon Darbonne, both well-known in our area for their cooking skills, prepare the meal. Lawrence LeBlanc is the council’s chairman for this event. The council participates in the LSU student lunch program twice each year.

LSU students gather for the jambalaya lunch provided by the KC 2657 Council during the Thursday