'The Age of Adeline' movie review

Colden Fell

“The Age of Adeline” tells the story of Adeline Bowman, a victim of a car crash. Once a bolt of lightning strikes the car, Adeline is forced to live out her life never aging.

Every decade, she changes her identity and moves from state to state to keep her identity a secret.

But when she meets Ellis Jones, Adeline must decide on whether she wants to continue hiding her past or choose to let Ellis into her world.

Blake Lively is very good as Adeline, and Michiel Huisman is awesome as Ellis. They have tremendous chemistry together on screen.

Every other actor does a great job--including Harrison Ford, who plays one of Adeline’s long lost friends and who also happens to be Ellis’ father. The dynamic there is very well executed.

“The Age of Adeline” is a film that’s very well acted, constructed and directed. However, there is one flaw I see in this film. The flaw is with how they present the story element of Ford's character. By the time they present it, the film is almost over.

I really would have liked the film to have focused more on the storyline of Ford’s character trying to piece together how Adeline stayed the same age after 40 years.

I feel the film would’ve been more engaging if they had delved into that portion of the film a bit more.

But other than that one minor flaw, the film is still fantastic and a must see.

I’ll give “The Age of Adeline” an A. It’s an almost perfect film that you should check out some time.

 THE AGE OF ADELINE - Rating: PG-13. Director(s): Lee Toland Krieger. Stars: Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Michiel Huisman. Genre: Drama. Release Date: April 24, 2015. Grade: A.