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Insurgent Movie Review

Colden Fell

     “Insurgent” is the second installment in the “Divergent Series” with Shailene Woodley starring as Tris Prion who must confront the demons from her past to overthrow Jeanine, who’s in search for the right Divergent to open a box that contains the future of their existence. With Miles Teller, Theo James and Ansel Elgort co-starring, “Insurgent” is a fast passed sci-fi action that had me enthralled from the start.

     Shailene Woodley does very well as Tris and she works very well with Theo James playing Four, the main romantic attraction for Tris. They both did very well on screen together and proved that they can hold the movie. I have to say though Miles Teller stole the show for me. He wasn’t in the film much but when he was he brought a comedic presence to the film which I feel helped balance out the more dramatic moments.

     The special effects in this movie are very well done, especially in the dream sequences. The action got me really invested especially towards the beginning of the film with the fight on a train. That sequence allowed me to know where every character stood and I knew their personality right from the beginning, which makes a great movie. If the story is really well made but there’s no great talent to present it than it’s bound to fail. But with “Insurgent” the action, effects, characters and story were all great.

     I went with some friends of mine who had read the book and they said the film left a lot of stuff out, and changed things leaving them disappointed. With that in mind I’ll say if you read the book you probably won’t enjoy the film but if you’re like me, where I went in not knowing anything about the source material going in, you will be entertained and will probably want to go read the books.

     So I’ll say “Insurgent” for a stand-alone film is worth a B+ rating. If you enjoy the book you might not enjoy it as much but if you want to go in with an open mind check it out.

INSURGENT Rating: PG-13. Director(s): Robert Schwentke. Starring: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet. Release Date: March 20, 2015. Grade: B+.