Nightcrawler Review

Colden Fell

“Nightcrawler” tells the story of Lou (Jake Gyllehaal) who’s trying to find the career that suits him. While examining a news crew catching footage of a crash one night, Lou gets the idea that the television news business might be the job for him. Now watch as Lou rises up the ranks catching footage claiming Rene Russo’s news business breaking stories including a home invasion that leaves Lou’s partner questioning if Lou’s love for the business has clouded his mind for insanity.

     This is one of the best films I’ve seen that came out last year. Gyllenhaal once again has proven to me that no matter what role he chooses, can pull off. Dan Gilroy directs Los Angeles in a beautiful setting catching the City of Angels night life amazingly. The film is also very suspenseful at times especially toward the end which includes a car chase that was very well shot. “Nightcrawler” is also a great character study because it shows how one man will do absolutely anything to make it to the top. It also has a lot to say about the news. It made me question, with all the violence we see in the news, what did they have to pull to be able to show the footage we see.

     Overall “Nightcrawler” is an amazing film that any inspiring filmmaker should check out. It has great performances, great camera work and a story that gripped me from beginning to end. “Nightcrawler” gets an A. this is a film you defiantly don’t want to miss.

NIGHTCRAWLER Rated R. Director(s): David Gilroy. Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo. Genre: Thriller. Release Date: October 31, 2014. Grade: A