St. Amant High to perform Disney musical

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles
Lead performers:
Belle – Gracie Owens
Maurice- Quinton Williams
Beast- Tristan Sholar
Gaston- Joshua Severin
Lefou- Kaitlyn Taylor
Lumiere- Christopher Bourgeois
Cogsworth- Braden Templet
Mrs. Potts- Hannah Chiquelin
Babette- Noelle Balzer
Madame De La Grande Bouche- Lylee Hess
Chip- Destiny LeBlanc

     ST. AMANT – After months of countless rehearsals, the St. Amant High School Theatre Department is ready to perform their musical for the year, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. 

     Directed by theatre teacher and St. Amant High alumni Selby Boriel, the play will follow the traditional plot of a young arrogant prince who falls under the spell of an evil enchantress turning him into a beast until he learns to love and be loved. 

     As with many animated adaptations, there were challenges to overcome by bringing animation to life through live actors performances. 

     “Challenges we found were having to get the costumes and the people, the cast, to transform to things to people and vice versa,” Boriel said in reference to characters such as Mrs. Potts and Lumiere. 

     Three scenes in particular Boriel thinks will really wow the audience is the Gaston song and dance, Be Our Guest and the Beauty and the Beast dance at the end of the play, complete with Belle’s signature yellow ball gown. 

     “This is really a show for anybody. It kind of speaks to boys because it has hunting and it speaks to girls because it’s a love story. To the outcast because Belle and the Beast don’t really fit in where they are and if you’re a Disney lover in general.”

     Though the high school is not known for their theatre department, Boriel has been working hard the last four years to bring back musicals and grow the program. Last year’s musical, Into the Woods, was the first musical that St. Amant High has performed in over 20 years.  

     The play will be held Feb. 24-26 at 7 p.m. in the St. Amant High School Commons. Reserved tickets are on sale for $10. General admission tickets will be available at the door for $5. For more information contact Julie Owens at (225) 802-1942.