St. Elizabeth Physicians holds first Kidsfest event

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

On Saturday, Aug. 17, St. Elizabeth Physicians hosted the first St. Elizabeth Kidsfest: A Day of Health & Wellness Just for Kids at the Lamar-Dixon Gym Building in Gonzales. The event was a huge success, drawing a crowd of over 650 people. Over 45 vendors offered interactive exhibits just for kids and plenty of information for interested parents and guardians. Families were treated to a live presentations and entertainment, outdoor and indoor activities and lots of healthy food and snacks. Everything was offered free to the public.

"The St. Elizabeth Kidsfest was held in addition to the annual St. Elizabeth Community Health Fair," says Jacob Balfantz, Business Development for St. Elizabeth Physicians, "With younger families moving into and investing in our community, we wanted to offer an opportunity for kids to get moving, learn healthy eating habits and, of course, have lots of fun."

The event was funded, in part, by the St. Elizabeth Physicians Diabetes Education and Medical Nutrition Therapy Program. The program, aimed at minimizing the effects of diabetes through education, recently began an outreach campaign targeting adults and youth in Ascension and the surrounding areas. More than ever, children are at an increased risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes. While education may not eliminate disease and other serious health issues, it does teach people how to make better decisions that can help minimize complications.

"The event was a resounding success," says Robert Burgess, President and CEO of St. Elizabeth Hospital, "Our team of individuals set quite a standard for family events. Many thanks are in order for making Kidsfest such a premier happening."