Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana partners with Child Advocacy Services

Donna Bliss CAS Director of Community Outreach
Rob Carlisle (Child Advocacy Services CASA) Tristi Charpentier (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Paul Bethel (BCBS) are shown after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana recognized their partnership with Child Advocacy Services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana is honored for their partnership with Child Advocacy Services in reproducing their Recognize, React, Report Resource. This child friendly guide is a community resource for protecting children and preventing child abuse. Child Advocacy Services received a community impact grant through BCBSL in 2012 to enhance the quality of health for children in the ten parish region it serves.

"We are very proud of our continued partnership with BCBSL and their commitment in keeping children safe." stated Rob Carlisle, Child Advocacy Services Chief Executive Officer. "This grant is a great example of how companies can participate in our work for children and dedicate their in-kind resources to helping us in our mission to give Voice, Healing, and Security to Children!"

Since 2010, BCBSL has assisted Child Advocacy Services in printing over 75,000 Recognize, React, Report Resources that have been distributed across Louisiana and throughout the United States. Originally created in 2008 by Visually Speaking in Baton Rouge, this unique resource is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to foster communication with families and children about preventing child abuse. This resource continues to be distributed to promote individuals in community understanding their roles in keeping children safe and promoting a better quality of life.

"This resource has been successful from all of the partnerships and collaborations supporting it," explained Carlisle. "The Louisiana Children's Trust Fund is an additional partner assisting us in the distribution. This year, Vickie Richard with Visually Speaking was awarded the Children's Advocacy Center of Louisiana Association's Community Partner of the Year for her role in designing the resource.

"We had parents and adults contacting us daily who could not recognize what abuse was and how they should report it! We wanted a simple hand held, child friendly, interactive tool for children and families to be better equipped. This resource has also led to several volunteers being steered to our CASA Programs who speak up for children daily. This resource is invaluable to reaching more children and families than we ever could through any one program offered by CAS. Research demonstrates for every $1 spent on prevention reduces $12 in treatment."

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