Tornado Watch in effect throughout area

Staff reports

A tornado watch is in effect until 9 p.m. tonight.

Things have sped up considerably as feared. The line is currently moving through western LA and this is at least 5-6 hours ahead of schedule. This has prompted the issuance of a tornado watch almost all the way to I 55. Latest thinking is now that this line will continue to push east towards Southeast Louisiana (SELA) and southwestern MS this evening. At some point the line will likely slow down and eventually stall as it waits for the cold front to catch-up. The front would likely not catch up till early tomorrow morning where things will re-fire and then start to push to the east once again.

Severe weather is still a big concern with damaging winds and quick developing tornadoes still the bigger risk but now the heavy rain threat could be a bigger issue than previously thought. Whereever this line of showers and thunderstorms finally stalls there will likely be some raining. As showers and thunderstorms re-fire along the front in the morning the line will be rather slow to move at first. If and where this line finally slows down is the main question.

Take note that the severe and heavy rain threat will be overnight and is a major concern.

Again nothing with this system has been easy to figure out but this system has had a history of producing damage to our west and even some flash flooding.