Gonzales man leaves child behind after stealing television

Charlotte Guedry

A Gonzales man is behind bars today after what Gonzales Police can only describe as his "despicable actions."

Adrian Churchill, 21, from 210 E. City Park Street in Gonzales, has been arrested on one count of theft by shoplifting, one count of child abandonment, and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a child, after leaving a nine year old girl to fend for herself when he fled the scene of a robbery. He is awaiting bond at the Ascension Parish Prison in Donaldsonville.

Churchill stole a television, valued at $300, from an area merchant, who called to not only report the robbery, but also to report that Churchill had left behind the little girl.

When Gonzales Police Officers arrived at the business, they indeed found the child, abandoned and scared. After speaking with her, the officers were able to determine that she had gone to the store with Churchill, who had been driving, but had been left behind when he decided to flee with the television.

The child's mother was located, and the child returned to her, once it was ascertained that the mother had no knowledge Churchill had been planning the theft.

Churchill was arrested this morning, after an arrest warrant had been obtained.

When asked his reasons for leaving the child behind, Churchill simply stated he had been scared.

"Because of the despicable actions taken by the accused in this case, we wanted to share this story with the public," said Det. Sgt. Steven Nethken. "It is still unfathomable that someone can leave behind a defenseless nine year old little girl in exchange for anything of value, much less a $300 TV."