Jindal officially opens parish PEC office

Wade McIntyre
Gov. Bobby Jindal officially opened the new Ascension Parish Executive Committee Headquarters at a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning in Gonzales. Among those pictured were PEC Vice-president Rhett Bourgeois, Jeremy Epps, Rep. Mert Smiley, and Mitchell Epps.

Gov. Bobby Jindal cut the ribbon during the official grand opening of the Ascension Parish Executive Committee Headquarters in Gonzales Friday morning.

Jindal briefly addressed a crowd of about 150 persons delivering a partisan message that touched on healthcare, government spending, and the future of the nation.

The governor said he disagreed with anybody who says “that this century belongs to China.”

To avoid a decline in power Americans must not become the first generation leaving fewer opportunities to its children than preceding generations have done.

“That is what is at stake,” Jindal told the crowd.

Jindal ridiculed current policies coming out Washington, DC., saying that only there will it be said that “healthcare is too expensive so we’re going to raise taxes.”

The total amount of debt brought on by passage off the healthcare bill is the equivalent of every person in the country being  $45,000 in debt the day they are born.

Jindal said he was proud Louisiana is joining the lawsuit filed by a group of state attorneys general in support of a Florida lawsuit that would declared the healthcare bill unconstitutional as pertains to the Tenth Amendment.

Powers not delegated to the United States as a whole, and not prohibited by the constitution to the states, are preserved to the individual states, or to the people by the Tenth Amendment.

Never before has Congress required Americans to buy a product, Jindal said.

If the Tenth Amendment means anything, Congress should not be requiring Americans to buy a product with the healthcare bill now, according to the governor.

In Louisiana, the state is reducing its budget (in the current legislative session) by 18 percent from last year by “tightening our belt and being more efficient,” Jindal said. “It’s not for us, it’s for our children and grandchildren.”

As proof that his policies have been a success for Louisiana, Jindal cited a Gallup poll which he said ranks Louisiana third best in the country for creating jobs in the United States. And he said for the past three years a leading moving company survey has listed Louisiana as one of the top destinations for people to move into.

In closing, Jindal exhorted the crowd of Republicans to work at getting more conservatives elected in office.

“They work for us,” he said, of non-conservative elected officials. “We can’t take their arrogance away, but we can take their power away in November.”

After Jindal’s address, the crowd headed for a tent where jambalaya was served for lunch.

The PEC headquarters, located at 1444 N. Airline Hwy., has been open for over a month, but is now officially open.