Ascension Community Theatre Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Ascension Community Theatre presents Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

Directed By: Chris Adams

Musical Director: Erin Perdue

• Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 7pm - 10pm Ascension Community Theatre - vocal

• Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 3pm - 6pm Ascension Community Theatre - vocal

• Monday, April 13, 2015 - 7pm - 10pm Ascension Community Theatre - callbacks and readings

*There will be no dance auditions

AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - call Michael Mason at 225-964-6998 for an appointment slot.

Performances June 18-21, and 25-28

An evocative tale of two men – one a doctor, passionate and romantic – the other, a terrifying madman; and two women - one, beautiful and trusting –the other, beautiful and trusting only herself. Both women in love with the same man. Both unaware of his dark secret. A devoted man of science, Dr. Henry Jekyll is driven to find a chemical breakthrough that can solve some of mankind’s most challenging medical dilemmas. Rebuffed by the powers that be, he decides to make himself the subject of his own experimental treatments, accidentally unleashing his inner demons along with the man the world would come to know as Mr. Hyde.

Character List:

BISHOP OF BASINGSTOKE - A hypocritical, sadistic man of the cloth and a member of the Board of Governors.

EMMA CAREW - The daughter of Chairman Danvers and Jekyll's beloved fiancée who is refined and desired by all of the socialite men.

GABRIEL JOHN UTTERSON - Serves as Jekyll's lawyer and helpful friend. He advises the troubled doctor on personal and professional affairs.

GENERAL LORD GLOSSOP - A pompous retired army man and member of the Board of Governors.

HENRY JEKYLL / EDWARD HYDE - Jekyll is a doctor obsessed with discovering the true nature behind the good and evil in man and Emma's fiancee. After he uses an experimental formula on himself, his evil side - Edward Hyde - takes control. As Hyde, he is violent, commanding, and a sexual deviant attracted to Lucy.

LUCY HARRIS - The gorgeous 'main attraction' at a local gentleman's club. At the bottom of her luck, she becomes the object of Hyde's obsession. Lucy is feisty and wild, but also cautious and aware.

SIMON STRIDE - The secretary of the Board of Governors and Jekyll's rival for Emma's affections.

SIR DANVERS CAREW - Emma's loving father and Chairman of the Board of Governors. A charming and gentle man.