Autobiography 'How Clif Nickens Beat Polio' will be available during benefit

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

This Sunday, Dec. 7 at Lamar Dixon, from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., there will be a tribute to Clif Nickens.

Nickens lived with the effects of polio all his life. He never complained but instead he always lifted those around him.

Nickens discussed with Make LaCour an autobiography about living without use of his legs and his amazing life of achievement. At his funeral, LaCour made a decision to write a book about Nickens. Eight weeks later the book is now printed and ready for sale. They will available Sunday during the fund raiser. The cost is $30 with any profit going to the Rotary International Foundation for polio eradication.

If you purchase a book, you not only read about a giving role-model but also pay for 10 children to be immunized against the poliomyelitis virus in either Nigeria, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.

Nickens was a Swamp Pop musician. Many of us do not know where that name came from. Here is a description of where the name came from. All the musicians on Sunday are Swamp Pop legends in South Louisiana. All donating their time and talents to honor their friend, Clif.

John Brovin came from England to South Louisiana and studied the music he heard in our region. When writing about his studies he dubbed our music Swamp Pop in a book he wrote titled "South to Louisiana". The reason he named it Swamp Pop was because it was a mixture of rock, blues and soul music that was popular in south Louisiana, hence Swamp Pop.