Poverty Point: World Heritage Site: New Name, Same Amazing Place

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Dr. Diana Greenlee

o celebrate Louisiana Archaeology Month, Ascension Parish Library will host a presentation on the newest World Heritage Site, Poverty Point State Historical Site, recently selected by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The complex at Poverty Point, located in West Carroll Parish, takes its place beside other iconic cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge in England, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. “It’s this monumental earthworks site that was built about 3,400 years ago by people who were hunters and gatherers,” said archaeologist Dr. Diana Greenlee.

Join the library in Gonzales on Wednesday, October 8, at 6:30 p.m., for a presentation by Dr. Diana Greenlee, adjunct professor at University of Louisiana in Monroe and station archaeologist at the Poverty Point State Historic Site. Dr. Greenlee, who oversees and facilitates all archaeological research at Poverty Point, will discuss how this historic site was once the centerpiece of a large prehistoric community that was likely Louisiana’s first major city. She will also discuss the work her team faced while working on the World Heritage initiative and the recent discoveries at the site.

For more information or to register, please call 647-3955.