Elevenses . . . Let’s Talk Tea

ANITA YOUNG Ascension Parish Library

Webster’s Dictionary defines “elevenses” as “a midmorning break for refreshments taken between breakfast and lunch, usually around 11a.m.” The ritual of elevenses makes us stop and pace ourselves, a vital thing to do in our working and creative lives. The punctuation to the day it provides is an opportunity to rest a little and reflect (or just to catch up with ourselves or our friends.)

Elevenses …. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning at the library, especially if you’re feeling a bit peckish. We invite you to pop in for tea and a chat with Charlotte Guedry and Czarina Walker as we mingle with friends and neighbors, enjoy a cuppa, and learn all about the finer points of taking tea.

People around the world love their tea. Drinking tea is an everyday occurrence and the morning break for tea has long been an integral part of the working day. Charlotte and Czarina share their family customs and traditions with us as we enjoy a soothing cup of tea and a delightful repast.

The place to be for a nice spot of tea is the Dutchtown location of your Ascension Parish Library. Fancy that! Mark your calendars … Saturday, July 27 at 11 a.m., of course.

Whether it’s a cup of tea, a cuppa, or a spot of tea, we’ll have the kettle on. Please call the library at 673-8699, to reserve your seat.