Sorrento couple honored at annual Senior Citizen Christmas Party

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Left to right are Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr., with the honored couple, Hazel and Edmond “Bibbie” Lee, and Chief Earl Theriot.

Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr. honors Hazel and Edmond Lee as the oldest female and male at the party and wishes them well on their 70th Wedding Anniversary coming up Dec.16.

Sorrento seniors enjoy fellowship as well as listening to the music provided by local musician, Clif Nickens.

Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr. hosted the annual Sorrento Senior Citizens' Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 1st at the Sorrento Lions Club. The seniors of Sorrento celebrated the season with fellowship, dancing and merriment. The gay party was entertained by the popular local music maker, Cliff Nickens.

The seniors enjoyed a little wine, soda, coffee and eggnog throughout the morning. They were treated to a delicious chicken and sausage gumbo for lunch prepared by former Sorrento resident Kim LeBlanc and his workers. In addition to the gumbo lunch, the seniors were treated to a lemon filled cake purchased from Cal's Bakery.

The Rev. Michael Galea of St. Anne Catholic Church in Sorrento took a few minutes from his busy schedule to come by and visit with the seniors. He graciously accepted the invitation to say grace before the meal.

The highlight of the affair took place when Mayor Longanecker honored the oldest male and female, Edmond "Bibbie" Lee and Hazel Villeneuve Lee. Longanecker presented a $25 Walmart gift card to both Edmond and his wife Hazel. The gift cards were a donation from Chief of Police Earl Theriot and his wife Debra. Longanecker also congratulated the Lees on their upcoming 70th wedding anniversary which will be December 16th. They received a huge applause from all the seniors at the event. Cliff Nickens played a little gig for the couple and they acknowledged him with a little dance.

After lunch, each senior was given a wrapped gift that was paid for by donations from local businesses. Along with the gift, they received a bag of assorted Christmas candy. The seniors received a 2013 Sorrento Calendar created and designed by local resident and former mayor, Brenda Melancon. Each month of the calendar showcases school pictures of Sorrento students, mostly in the late 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s. Students in the calendar have either past away or they are seniors today (60 years or older). The cover of the calendar was dedicated to the two oldest pictures, Josphine "Ti-Du" LeBlanc Cruz, who was born in 1912, and Wilton "Patti" LeBlanc, who was born in 1914.

Volunteers serving the seniors were Chief of Police Earl Theriot and his wife Debra, town clerk Paige Kling Robert, her husband Luke and their son and daughter; Fern Barnett and Cornelius Morris, two other employees of the town; and Veronica Landry Hebert, a Sorrento resident.

As the seniors were leaving the party, they were given a to-go box filled with turkey, ham, rice dressing and a vegetable to take home for supper.

The mayor, chief of police, volunteers and cooks look forward to serving the seniors in the upcoming years.