Woman's Hospital welcomes Moms-to-Be at New Baby Grand

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Saturday, Nov. 10 will be a homecoming, of sorts, for Woman's Hospital and local moms-to-be, as the new campus celebrates its first Baby Grand at 100 Woman's Way. From 8:30 a.m. to 1 PM, the hospital will welcome local families, pregnant or soon-to-be, to tour the hospital's Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby departments, meet local pediatricians and attend seminars focused on what to expect during pregnancy and with a newborn.

Get an advance screening of Woman's "Multiple Miracles" documentary, a story about three local women pregnant with triplets and their experiences. Dozens of local businesses that cater to growing families will offer information on nutrition, safety, baby supplies, financial planning and pregnancy memorabilia. The event is free and open to the public, no advance registration is required. Free classes at the new hospital include the following:

9 AM:

Natural Labor – Choose how you experience labor, and learn more about natural birthing options.

Let's Talk Teeth – Learn how to care for your teeth and gums during pregnancy and your child's dental care.

When Your Baby is Sick – Learn what to do when you baby is sick and appropriate care for the first years.

10 AM:

Breastfeeding – Lactation nurses discuss the benefits of breastfeeding and common concerns.

Just for Dads – Join a guys-only practice session of real dads diapering, changing clothes, burping and more.

Bringing Baby Home – A newborn's care is ever-changing. Discover what's normal and what is not.

11 AM:

Babies and Pets – Veterinarians will explain how to care for and help your pet adjust to a new baby.

Nutrition and Fitness – Learn how to enjoy a healthy, active pregnancy and balanced postpartum nutrition.

Choosing Childcare – How to choose your baby's childcare and ask the tough questions.


Car Seat Safety – Protect your precious cargo by learning how to correctly and consistently use car seats.

Vaccinating your Baby – Learn which vaccines are recommended, plus the risks, benefits and myths.

12:45 PM: Multiple Miracles – Preview the first installment of Woman's documentary that followed three local women who were all pregnant with triplets. Meet the women in their last trimester and begin following them through one year.