Popular eatery Burger Delight closing

Mary-Glenn Smith
Lisa Harris, hands Ricky Oubre his favorite cherry Coke and hamburger out the window for one of the last times before Burger Delight closes later in the month. Oubre has been coming to Burger Delight since he was in high school.

After almost 40 years of serving up some of the best burgers and shakes around, Ascension Parish landmark restaurant Burger Delight will soon be shutting its doors, or window in this case.

Opened in 1971 by Millard and Gloria Harris, the popular burger stand has had customers pulling off to the side of Airline Highway, stepping up to the window, scanning the hand written menu taped inside the glass and ordering their favorite items the same way for years.

“We have kept it running as long as we can, but just with the economy and everything we have made a family decision to go ahead and close the place,” said the Heather Guidry, the oldest of eight Harris grandchildren. “It’s sad for us, but it’s time.”

Since the beginning, Burger Delight has been family owned and operated. First by  Millard, known to many as “Mo,” who ran the burger stand until his death in 1998 and then by Millard’s children after his passing.

“The family has kept it running, my uncle and aunt, Keith and Lisa Harris have been running the place since my grandfather’s death,” Guidry said. “My  grandmother is 77 and still does payroll and keeps the books.”

At some point in time all four of the Harris children have worked at Burger Delight, including Guidry’s father, Ronald Harris and her uncle Paul Harris, who now owns Griffins Grill in Dutchtown.

While Burger Delight’s final day of operation is still undecided, owners suspect the last day will be Dec. 20.

“It really depends on the food situation,” Keith said. “If we run out of food before then we will close earlier, but we are planning to close the week of the 20th.”

Though the news may not have reached all of Burger Delight’s faithful followers yet, the ones who do know are upset about their favorite burger joint shutting down.

“Everybody we have told is upset about us closing,” Guidry said. “It’s a stake in the community, we have been here forever so it’s kinda hard for people to take.”

“Everybody is asking where am I going to get my cheeseburgers and shakes from,” Guidry added.

One of the disappointed customers is Ricky Oubre who has been coming to Burger Delight since he was in high school.

“This is the last of the old spots, we had the Quick Snack and Colonial Drive-in but they have all closed, this is the only one left,” said Oubre after picking up his Burger Delight favorite, a cherry Coke and a hamburger. “It breaks my heart to see it close; this is a landmark,”

In addition to Oubre’s favorite big, thick homemade hamburger, Burger Delight is also well known for seafood Po-boys, homemade chili, fries, hotdogs, homemade roast beef sandwiches and shakes.

“It’s just time,” Lisa said. “But we are all really sad, my dad made this place what it is and I hate to see it close.”

Lisa was just a year old when Burger Delight opened. She worked at the restaurant on and off her whole life before taking it over with her brother 12 years ago.

“We all want to thank the community for all their service and years of support; also all the employees we have had over the year,” Lisa said. “It’s been a great 40 years.”