Blue Runner helps Haiti with can food campaign

Staff reports

Blue Runner Foods started its new “Cans for Fans” effort in order to raise its younger customers’ social consciousness and help them find a way to get involved in supporting Haiti in its time of need.

Richard Thomas, president of Blue Runner Foods, wanted to find a simple way for his customers to help the people of Haiti.

“After what we have been through with our own natural disasters, we knew the people of Louisiana would want to find a way to make their own contribution. We thought this would be a simple way for anyone to make his or her own individual effort,” he said Jan. 26, the day the project began.

Blue Runner beans and rice are an ideal food for disaster relief because of their durable packaging and shelf-stability in harsh conditions. It is a nutritious and satisfying meal to the hungry and provides an easy way to receive protein. Beans and rice is also a popular meal throughout the Caribbean.

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