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ANITA YOUNG Ascension Parish Library

It's a free for all!

If you are looking for the biggest discount, then try 100% off at the library. The Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales welcomes you to Free + Recycling = Freecycling. Bring any of your gently used items, and trade for any other freecycled items. Clean out your closet, make room in the garage, bring in the toys the kids don't play with, and get something in return. It's the area's largest free garage sale. Don't dig for spare change or swipe another card. Free + Recycling = Freecycling will take place at the Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales on May 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Kids are welcomed as long as they're accompanied by an adult. No registration is required. For more information on this program, please contact the Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales 647-3955.

Parasprite Panic!

The parasprite swarm has multiplied, and now threatens to destroy Ponyville! In Parasprite Panic!, a fan-made board game based off My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “Swarm of the Century,” each player assumes the role of any of the Mane 6 and sets about trying to rescue every pony while keeping the swarm under control. Because Friendship is Magic, every pony is on the same team, united against the game. Join us at the Ascension Parish Library in Dutchtown on Thursday, March 21 at 4:30 p.m. to see if you can work together to save all the villagers--while there's still a Ponyville to save!

This program is free and open to bronies and pegasisters in 6th grade and above. For more information, please call the Ascension Parish Library in Dutchtown at 673-8699.

Using OverDrive with your Kindle

Attention Kindle Owners! The Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales is offering a free class on using your device with OverDrive eBooks On Wednesday, May 22 at 6 p.m. Please bring your library card and Kindle device to the class. There are a limited number of seats available, so call 647-3955 and register today.

Board Game Night

Take a step back into the past for a crazy evening of fun! The Ascension Parish Library in Dutchtown will host a board game night for adults on Thursday, May 23 at 6 p.m. We'll have popular games such as Trivial Pursuit, Malarky, Cranium, and Quelf available. Bring a friend or find a friend and GAME ON! We promise you won't be bored! 

This program is free and open to the public and is designed for adults ages 18 and above. For more information, please contact the Ascension Parish Library in Dutchtown at 673-8699.

Woodcarving Secrets

Local resident, David Oubre, shares “Woodcarving Secrets,” Thursday, May 30, 2013, at Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville. Oubre, who has made many fine pieces of furniture and is a member of the Pelican Woodcarvers Guild, explains designing wood, types of finishes, types of carving and sharpening tools. Oubre will also share how he came to find the joys of woodcarving. This fun and informative event begins at 6 PM, and registration is required. Call 473-8052 to reserve your seat today!

Jay Grymes, Chief Meteorologist for WAFB Channel 9

What do these names have in common: Betsy, Camille, Katrina, Rita, Andrew, and Gustav? They are all deadly storms that have affected our battered, yet resilient state of Louisiana. What do we have in store for us this hurricane season? Jay Grymes, Chief Meteorologist for WAFB Channel 9, gives us a preview of what is expected for the upcoming 2013 hurricane season at the Ascension Parish Library - Galvez on Monday, June 3rd at 7 p.m. Grymes quotes Ben Franklin with “Some people are weatherwise, but most are otherwise.” Become one of the weatherwise, more specifically, hurricanewise today, by calling the library at 622-3339 to register for this very informative program.

Free Small Business Consulting

Ascension Parish Library offers free small business consulting on the second Monday of each month at the library in Galvez, 40300 Hwy. 42, Prairieville. Persons wanting to start or improve a small business receive a private, two-hour consultation designed to provide professional help in areas of business planning, financing, marketing, and accounting.

This service is provided by the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southern University - Baton Rouge and is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). All services are free and confidential. To schedule an appointment call the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at (225) 922-0998.   

SCORE Offers Free Counseling at the Library

Ascension Parish Library and SCORE - Baton Rouge offer free, on-site counseling in Ascension Parish for new business start-ups and mentoring for existing businesses. Counseling sessions are held at two library locations each month by appointment: the first Tuesday morning and third Tuesday afternoon at the library in Gonzales and the second Wednesday morning and third Wednesday afternoon at the library in Dutchtown. 

SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Business, a nonprofit Association and a resource partner of the Small Business Administration, is dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. 

Counselors are active or retired business owners and executives with extensive experience, who follow the steps on “How to Start and Manage a Successful Business.” This includes help on the Business Plan, Financial Forecast, Marketing & Sales, Legal and Accounting suggestions, Business Insurance needs, and the Bank Loan Package preparation. SCORE counselors follow a strict code of ethics and confidentiality. 

This year SCORE will begin expanding its education opportunities in the community for small businesses with a new Simple Steps Program and a stronger Community Alliance Program. These New Programs will help SCORE become an even more valuable resource in our community. 

To learn more visit the SCORE WEB SITE AT To schedule a counseling appointment, call (225) 381-7130 or toll-free (877) 381-7130 and specify which library location you prefer: Gonzales or Dutchtown.