Students perform ‘Christmas on Candy Cane Lane Play’

Staff reports
Soloist Jayden Stafford performed a beautiful rendition of "Christmas Dreams in Color".

First Grade students from Lakeside Primary School performed the annual Christmas on Candy Cane Lane Play on December 14 and December 16 in Lakeside's cafeteria.

Throughout the production, the students posed the question, "Which is better, red or green candy canes?" The trees chose green while the elves chose red. The color guard was even called in to settle the argument.

At the end of the play, it was decided that Christmas is so much more than a silly candy cane fight. Mrs. Claus reminded the students that they did not have to choose. It is okay to like them both.

Congratulations First Graders on a job well done!

Victoria Rodrique (Mrs. Claus), Autumn Anderson (elf), and Vincent LaValle (Santa Claus) discuss the candy cane dilemma.