Swamp Diva, shining a light on the beauty of Louisiana

Logan Ridenour
Swamp Diva is written by Brenda Farrington and illustrated by Penny Weber.

Swamp Diva is a children's book written by Brenda Farrington and illustrated by Penny Weber. It portrays a teenage alligator "with a love for all things sparkly and bright." However, her mom disagrees with the future swamp queen.

After her mom snaps, Swamp Diva begins to think about preparing her character for such an important role.

"When I created this character I wanted an alligator who was not scary," said Farrington. She wanted to write a story about a female alligator finding her way.

"She learns about respect, rules and love and discovers how wonderful it makes her feel on the inside to share these principles with her friends in the swamp all while wearing a little bling on the way."

While the story has a strong moral foundation, Farrington's main goal was for people to enjoy it and have fun while reading. She says some readers have said the book is "quirky."

She shared a response from a young reader who fell in love with her book and "secretly took it home."

When his parent said they would have to return it, he was found sleeping with the book in his arms.

"This story makes my heart melt. Making a child happy is really what it's all about for me."

"I hope this story shows kindness as well as an appreciation for nature. It was important to me for the illustrator to depict the illustrations as closely as possible to our forests, bayous and animals here in my home state of Louisiana," said Farrington.

She says it would make her happy to see the book spark curiosity in young readers. So they would be interested in exploring all that Louisiana nature has to offer, regardless of whether it is at a park or their own backyard.

Right now, Swamp Diva can be found all over Louisiana in book stores, gift shops, zoos, and florist shops – as well as a few places in Mississippi. If you're interested in the online version, it can be found on several different platforms.

"I would like to thank everyone who has purchased a book and to those who have enthusiastically supported me along the way."