On the lighter side

Joe Guilbeau, humorist
Joe Guilbeau

We now hear the news that plans are being made to go to Mars. My extensive knowledge of the universe does not extend to the celestial planet Mars.

I do have, however, extensive knowledge of the moon. While I have had conversations with several famous people including Stan Musial, Sam Walton, Jimmie Davis, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Terry Bradshaw, and others, I had one special conversation with astronaut Dick Gordon, who just died on November 6, 2017.

Only 24 astronauts went to the moon. An exclusive club, indeed. Johnny Wilbert and I also belong to an exclusive and highly distinctive club. It will forever have only 26 members!

On the subject of the moon. Boudreaux and Thibodeaux, the generic Cajuns, opened up a restaurant. The food was great, of course. But the restaurant was a failure. It had no atmosphere.

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were also talking about going to the sun. A friend, Robis-Pierre, overheard them and told them it would be too hot. But Boudreaux replied, "Oh no, but we are going to go at night."

Growing up, I would hear my old Uncle Armond say he planted in the ground--not on the moon! I am not as serious of a gardener as I used to be. I don't plant by the moon. But I do plant on certain days and months of the year.

Another moon story:

When Apollo 11 went to the moon, the astronauts were instructed to gather rock and collect soil samples. They put them in plastic bags and then wrapped it in aluminum foil to return it to Houston.

Scientists from the major universities, Harvard, MIT, The Universities of Chicago, etc. requested their own samples. Later on a professor from a Cajun University in Southwest Louisiana found out about it and also called to ask fro a samples.

Unfortunately, Houston had run out of samples. But believing the Cajun professor was not too smart, they sent a NASA employee into a Longhorn pasture to collect a box of cow manure, and this was sent to him.

Soon after, the scientists were called to Houston to compare their scientific studies. As soon as the meeting was called to order. The Cajun professor stood up and said, "Listen up you all, we have conclusive evidence that the cow did jump over the moon."

What was the most popular dessert served at the Cajun restaurants on the moon?

Who said you couldn't write a whole column on the moon?