The Carden Circus visits Gonzales

Logan Ridenour

The dark building was packed with spectators waving light-up wands, while the smell of funnel cake threatened your wallet.

The Carden Circus provided entertainment for children and adults alike at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center on August 21. After operating for over 50 years the Carden Circus is the largest circus in the United States, and was only in Gonzales for one night.

During the show there were guest appearances from stars like Bumblebee and Spiderman, along with other acts that kept the attention of the hundreds of kids in the audience.

During intermission kids were able to go to the center of the arena and take photos with Spiderman, who had just performed an aerial routine. They were also able to interact with different circus animals.

This included riding elephants and miniature ponies. Rest assured, according to the Carden Circus website the animals are well taken care of.

"The animal care professionals with Carden Circus believe that a positive, healthy environment is the only acceptable and truly successful method of working with our animals," a statement from the Carden Circus website reads.

More in-depth information about how the animals are cared for can be viewed on their website. If you are interested in going to this circus, you may have to wait until next year or travel a bit further than the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.