Donaldsonville Library gives kids some fun with slime

Darian Graivshark
A group at the Donaldsonville Branch Library makes Mermaid Slime.

Making a volcano explode with baking soda as a child was always one of the fun experiments to do growing up.

Science experiments are a vital part of understanding something for children, and during the summer Ascension Parish Libraries offer events centered around that.

At the Donaldsonville location, on September 18, children had the opportunity to create mermaid slime. Ethel and Beth, who work at the library, explained how the glue polymers work, and how it helps to create the slime. There was an additional volunteer helper named Laila Cost. She is a student and has been volunteering at the location since the summer, just because she wants to.

To create the slime, you'll need 1/4 liquid starch, 1/4 water, 1/4 liquid glue, food coloring, a plastic bowl and spoon, and an air tight container.

Blend all of the ingredients into the plastic bowl, but stop adding the liquid starch once the mixture becomes blob-like. Once you're at the desired consistency, add about six drops of food coloring. In this event, they used blue food coloring to mimic the color of the ocean.

If you prefer the slime to be less sticky, you just have to add less starch. Add some glitter once the previous process is done to finish the mermaid slime creation.

Store the slime in an air tight container for future play use, otherwise, the slime will dry out.

Dionne Laborde, the Donaldsonville Librarian, organized the event. You can check the APL website for their online calendar and to find future events your little ones can attend.

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