Dance fundraiser helps kids affected by terminal illnesses

Darian Graivshark
Photos of children that have earned their wings welcome guests alongside vibrant flowers.

Looking toward the stars, we imagine our futures, our hopes, and our dreams. Sometimes, our Dreams Come True.

Serving Louisiana as a whole, and about 20 terminally ill children in Ascension Parish, Dreams Come True of Louisiana helps provide these children with happiness while they are battling through the hard times.

"We originally started the dance as a joke to see how it would go, and now we're on our 22nd annual dance," Max Himmel, the event coordinator, said. "All of the money is spent in the state and locally."

The target was to raise $40,000-45,000 dollars that could be donated, and they expected up to 12,000 people to attend.

Na Na Sha was the music of choice that would be providing attendees with a good time and something to boogie to. Not only were attendees and supporters of the organization present, but survivors of illnesses, too.

Shelby Bergeron is the grandmother of Cassidy Russo, who has battled leukemia and won.

"Cassidy was a part of the program while battling leukemia from 2011-2014," Bergeron said. "In 2014, she was able to stop her treatments and has been doing well. We still go back every few months for a check up to be safe."

Mary Lee and Bill Dixon, owners of Lamar Dixon Expo Center, were present too. They are supporters of Dreams Come True.

It was a great event to attend to support a good cause, eat good food, and listen to good music.

To find out more about Dreams Come True of Louisiana, go to http://www.dctofla.com/.

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