Gonzales resident to appear on Jeopardy

Halen Doughty
Jeopardy host Alex Trebek poses with Lorie Gasior.

Gonzales resident Lorie Gasior will make an appearance on Monday's episode of America's Favorite Quiz Show, Jeopardy! Gasior is a license director with the Louisiana Department of Insurance and said she enjoys watching the show with her family at dinner.

Gasior said it was an amazing experience to be on the show, which she has been watching since the 80s. She said she wanted to try out, so she took the online test and was surprised when she got a call back for an audition and another to compete on the show.

"I was beside myself like a child," said Gasior. "It's one of the most amazing experiences to be a part of a show you love."

Gasior said she got ready for the show by watching older episodes. She would practice answering the questions as fast as she could and making sure to do so in the form of a question. She even practiced buzzing in as quickly as possible and played map games to brush up on geography and capitals around the world.

"It's almost impossible to prepare because you have no way of knowing what will be asked," said Gasior. "In a matter of seconds you have to be able to call up everything you've ever known about anything ever."

Gasior said she's always been a bookworm and loved learning, which is how she's come to be a trivia expert. She said being on the show was a good way to put her "fountain of useless knowledge" to good use. Having a good memory doesn't hurt either, as she is able to recall things she's read or come across over the years.

The contestant said she took notice of the questions, as they can often hold clues as to what the answer might be. Jeopardy is known for having categories dedicated to words that start with the same letter or have double vowels, for example. She said being aware of that can help in categories where she may not be as well-versed.

Although she may be one of the best to play at her family dinner, that's not always the case on the show. She noted that everyone else on that stage had to pass the same test to be there, which makes for a more level playing field.

Check out Lorie Gasior on Jeopardy Monday at on WBRZ.

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