Trent Bourgeois to play Boucherie Fest

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
St. Amant artist Trent Bourgeois is back in his element, making music in Louisiana.

During the day, local recording artist Trent Bourgeois works as a Supervisor for the Ascension Parish Drainage Department.

"It's alright," Bourgeois said. "We work four-tens, so I'm off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It allows me to play my music."

This weekend October 21, he will play from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Sorrento Lion's Club Boucherie Festival at Lamar Dixon. He said it's been at least 12 years since he's been on that stage, back when it was still in Sorrento. Friday he'll be at Lazy J's in Greensburg, where his mama's from. Bourgeois kicked around the notion that in order to play Swamp Pop you have to move around the state some.

Bourgeois started playing music when he was 10 years old, but he started his first band in 1996, Fly by Night. However the latest record, "Louisiana Roadhouse," is a solo title. It was released on September 30. Past successes include the song "Duct Tape Bible," which hit 63 on the country charts and number one on the Christian Country chart.

"We thought we had it," Bourgeois said. "I got the T-shirt and came back home."

He had been away in Nashville for that period of time. He said the track "Back to Luzianne," which actually kicks off the record, is about coming home. "Louisiana (That's Home to Me)" shares that theme. Other themes on the record revolve around fun here in Louisiana. Bourgeois has a song called "Son of a Buck" about enjoying hunting, and one called "Gonzales Ain't Dallas" about Jambalaya Fest and pokes fun at Texas in general.

"You know they always say they got bigger things than everybody? It's just kind of a joke really," Bourgeois said. "So Gonzales ain't Dallas, but we got this. You know, we got that. We got all this cajun food!"

Another song on the album is called "Pour Me a Vacation." It's about a guy who goes into a bar and asks the bartender to pour him a vacation because he doesn't have enough money to go on a vacation, according to Bourgeois.

"Just get me drunk and put umbrellas in my drink. It's kind of a Jimmy Buffett song."

The next song, "Stars on the Water," is one written by Rodney Crowell and recorded by George Strait. Bourgeois calls his version more Swamp Pop because they added horns. He also covers Jambalaya by Hank Williams Sr., but does it in zydeco.

Next, the song "Van the Man" is a tribute to Van Broussard, rather than Van Morrison. Broussard, now 80 years old is a Swamp Pop legend who began recording in the 1950s. The Prairieville native was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 1997. Bourgeois calls Broussard "like a good friend." Grammy winning accordion player Chubby Carrier plays on this track.

"I took six or seven song titles that he sings and wrote that song to explain his life."

The next song is called "Gator Pick'n" about a guy nicknamed 'Gator' who is a good guitar picker. When he comes out from the swamp, everybody comes to see him play.

"Kind of like a Marie Laveau kind of deal, but like I said it's a guitar picker."

Furthermore, the musician said he started out by playing Swamp Pop. While in Nashville he recorded more country music, but now he's back in his element. This album features at least four grammy winning artists.

"Brent Mason is one of the biggest guitar players that lives in Nashville," Broussard said. "Redd Volkaert used to be Merle Haggard's guitar player."

Gerry McGee from Eunice is another well-known guitar player on the album. McGee's fame in Japan could even push the album to see international recognition. Producer David Hyde plays bass. Don Rich is from Pierre Part. It's a mixture of local and national talent. "Louisiana Roadhouse" may be purchased at SACS Western, D & J's Grocery, and Duckroost Seafood. Plus Bourgeois said he's working on getting it on iTunes and CD Baby. Louisiana Music Factory out of New Orleans is also selling it. It was recorded by Nelson Blanchard at Techno Sound in Baton Rouge.

Bourgeois said he's married to his high school sweetheart. He's been married for over 25 years. They have three children.

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